About Croyde Sea Glass

Every piece of our ocean jewellery is unique, locally sourced from North Devon beaches and lovingly handmade using sterling silver. We do not import, or purchase, sea glass from anywhere else. 

All our rings are adjustable and each item comes in a reusable gift box and recyclable envelopes. 

Sea glass, also known as mermaid’s tears or beach baubles, can be tumbled in the ocean for hundreds of years. Washed by waves, rolled in the surf and scoured by sand and shingle, it gradually wears away with every tide, sometimes lying hidden for months, years, decades or even centuries, before revealing itself briefly before being covered once again. Sanded smooth over time, they are some of the most beautiful treasures found along the coastline. 

Sea glass, or sea pottery, represents history. Starting their life usually, but not always, as a bottle or plate, they had been discarded in some way. Each may have been abandoned, with other rubbish and dumped in landfill or on a tip, close to the sea. After years of cliff erosion, the sea finally claims its prize and it falls into the sea. It may still be in one piece but, after years of battering among the rocks, it is broken into small fragments. The longer the glass is submerged, it is filed smooth, frosted and crazed by endless movement over the seabed, finally emerging as an ocean gem. If not found, the glass will gradually be ground down, back into the sand it originally came from, and the plate back into clay.

Most beaches and coves, close to towns or villages, have sea glass and pottery, either as a result of general public, or industrial waste disposal that eventually makes its way into the sea, or local rivers.

We are all keen surfers and live near Croyde Beach. Vikki was a Surf Instructor at Croyde and has been involved with making jewellery for decades. Keith has been surfing for over 50 years. He was the British National surf team Manager in the 80s. Both have surf travelled extensively over the years and all their children surf regularly. 

Commissions are welcome, if you have a piece of sea glass, pottery or pebble, to remember a place or moment in time.

Inspired by our surroundings