Tumbled Seaglas gems

"I have enough seaglass." ...said nobody ever.

We regularly visit a secluded cove, at the base of a large cliff, just a short drive down the road. We very rarely see anyone here as the access is only by sea. We take our longboards and always time it so that we land just on high tide. Today we were into our second hour there and were tucking into a well earned prawn sandwich, when 5 stand-up paddle boarders rounded the headland, each carrying a passenger. Most of them glided in on the swell and landed gracefully on the beach. One however didn't. Catching the largest wave, they were swept along and unceremoniously dumped on to the shingle. Both were flung off along with their gear and mobile phones.

Suddenly there were 10 people hunting seaglass on the beach.

The great thing about seaglass is that it can lay undiscovered under the shingle, being tumbled back and forth for decades. New gems are uncovered as each wave washes up the beach. A new supply appears with each wave.

We had found some beautiful seaglass and we knew that the next high tide would uncover more, so we bade farewell to the other collectors and paddled back around the headland.

Back at home, as usual , we sorted through our latest collection into  'save' or 'discard'. We then pair up for earrings and decide which of the pieces left would make beautiful pendants, rings or bracelets. Then the design process and creating jewellery begins.