New Year Sale

New Year Sale

New Year Sale:

From 10am GMT 18th January - 5pm GMT 24th January.

We are holding our first sale of 2021 this month, and we are reducing the price of ALL available jewellery on the website by 15% for that week!.... but if the piece you were after's gone by then, it's gone. We cannot hold any items back just for the sale, but don't worry, if the piece you want isn't there, we will be adding new stock soon after the sale. 

We have been adding new products to the collections over the Festive Season. It's been a very successful and productive time in the workshop for us. The hammered sterling silver, sea glass, drop earrings have been popular, along with the rose gold, drilled sea glass earrings.

It's all new! It's a new year and now we're in a new lockdown, albeit our 3rd. The new strain of Covid 19 is more contagious than the original one, but thankfully there is a new vaccine.

We will be busy rolling out new pieces before the end of January and this sale gives us a breathing space to concentrate on adding them to the collections on our website. We have thankfully collected enough sea glass, over the years, to last us through any length lockdown.

As we all carefully navigate through this difficult period, we will see the Earth breathing once again. We will see the Spring arrive in due course and, hopefully, we will come out the other side of this pandemic a little more aware. Aware of how privileged, fragile and vulnerable we all are and finally aware, at last, of what we need to do to protect ourselves and this beautiful, precious planet of ours.