Summer 2022

Summer 2022

Here we are in the middle of another Summer.

A lot of the local coastal summer accommodations are full now, which is a big change to the winter time, when 90% of them are all empty.

Many of the Westcountry beach villages are now just summer resorts, having lost their year round communities. Locals cannot afford to live there, having been priced out by the huge demand for beach properties from people from outside the area. This drives the house and rental prices way up out of minimum wage earning locals’ reach.

It’s a situation that is happening all over the UK. Local communities are disappearing, being replaced by seasonal holiday homes, rarely visited second homes, expensive apartments and AirB&Bs. Most of these properties lie empty from October to May. Beach houses are a great investment and big business.

Meanwhile we are loading on new stock now ready for the August holidays.