Looking forward

Looking forward

The weather hasn't been too bad this year, so far, here in North Devon. Yes the onshore westerly winds have been pretty severe and the swells have been powering in onto our beaches. It's at times like these that we keep our heads down, buried in the studio ...but think of all the sea glass that's being ploughed up. We have some beautiful pieces of jewellery to introduce for Easter.

Keith has taken some time out and produced some paintings of our coastline and some rather more ethereal ones representing his love of Tolkein's Middle Earth. This one is of Pete out surfing at Croyde.

The winds swing around offshore, the waves clean up and we all go surfing. There is a fresh breeze stirring the dark clouds of fear of recent months. There is an air of optimism around. Folk are hesitantly looking forward with hope, rather than constantly looking over their shoulders with trepidation.

There is talk of a busy Summer this year. It's needed. The South West (and many, many other places) relies on tourism and our tourist and hospitality sector has been blown apart by this pandemic, for a year. It's on it's knees. Many concerns have already gone under. Those that have survived, are looking forward to opening their doors and welcoming back the locals and holidaymakers that we all have missed.

It really does feel like Spring.